The Nitrocellulose Group (“NCG”) based in Thailand, was formed in 2016 with the merger of Nitro Chemical Industry Limited (“NCI”) Nobel NC Company Limited (“NNC”) and Fibre Pack Company Limited (“FBP”).

NCG is privately owned by the well-known Thai VS Chem company and is one of the world’s leading producers of Nitrocellulose which it offers in Dense chip, Fibrous and paste / solution form.

Although NCG was formed in 2016, Nitro Chemical Industry Limited was established in 1982 as part of the promotional privilege programme granted by Thailand’s Board of Investment. Based in Samut Sakhon, 40 km southwest of Bangkok, it has an operational capacity of 10,000 tpa.

Nobel NC Company Limited commenced operation in 2008 as a joint venture between NCI and Inabata Japan. Based in Chainat, 160 km north of Bangkok, it has an operational capacity of 30,000 tpa. In 2017 the Japanese partner’s shareholding was acquired by the current owners.

Fibre Pack Company Limited is also based in Chainat and manufactures fibre drums for the transportation of nitrocellulose.
NCG’s unique technology enables the production of superior quality nitrocellulose which is sold in more than 50 countries. The R&D team is regarded as the worldwide industry leader and NCG has one of Thailand’s leading environmental management programmes.
The Nitrocellulose Group operates with
One Management Team
comprised of experienced
functional specialists
One Goal
to maximize the
synergistic benefits
One set
of International
business standards
Significant Development in the Business
  1. 1982
    Nitrochemical Industry Limited (NCI) was established
    Constructed a manufacturing facility located in Samut Sakhon (NCI), 40 km southwest of Bangkok with an annual capacity of 1,500 tons
  2. 1989
    First capacity expansion of Samut Sakhon plant (NCI) to 5,000 tons per annum
  3. 1997
    Second capacity expansion of Samut Sakhon plant (NCI) to 10,000 tons per annum
  4. 2006
    Nobel NC Company Limited (NNC) was established as a joint venture between NCI, Inabata Japan and Inabata Singapore
    Constructed the Chainat plant (NNC),160 km North of Bangkok, with a name plate capacity of 30,000 tons per annum and based on Inabata’s technology (Formerly Nobel Enterprise Ltd & ICI)
    Commenced production at Chainat
    Closure of Inabata’s manufacturing’s facility in Scotland.
    Commencement of Nobel NC Europe Ltd to sell NNC products and offer technology advise.
  5. 2014
    NCI acquired the 36.75% shareholding of Inabata Singapore and increased the Thai shareholding of NNC to 87.75%
    Restructured NCI, NNC and Fibrepack as The Nitrocellulose Group with a single management team to oversee the group’s operations